Creating a Stack from a Resource Creation Page

Populate a resource creation page in another OCI service in the Console and then use the Save as stack button to create a stack in Resource Manager.

For example, create a stack from the Create compute instance page. Use the new stack to install, configure, and manage your compute instance  through the "infrastructure-as-code" model.


Some resources don't yet have the Save as stack button.
  1. Open the resource creation page that you want to use for a new stack.

    For example, open the Create compute instance page:

    • Open the navigation menu and click Compute. Under Compute, click Instances.
    • Click Create instance.

    If creating a stack from the resource creation page for a compute instance, then ensure that you review requirements for instances. See Creating an Instance.
  2. Populate configuration fields to specify stack details.
    For example, select the image you want to use in a stack for creating instances.
  3. Click Save as stack.

    Depending on resource type, one of the following opens:

    • Save as stack panel (for Kubernetes clusters and other resources)
    • Create stack page (for compute instances and VCNs)
  4. (Optional) Edit the default stack name and enter a stack description. Avoid entering confidential information.
  5. Select the compartment where you want to create the stack.
  6. (Optional) Click Show advanced options and assign tags to the stack.
    • Tag namespace: To add a defined tag, select an existing namespace. To add a free-from tag, leave the value blank.
    • Tag key: To add a defined tag, select an existing tag key. To add a free-form tag, type the key name that you want.
    • Tag value: Type the tag value that you want.
    • Add tag: Click to add another tag.
  7. Save the stack: Perform one of the following actions:
    • Save as stack panel: Click Save.
    • Create stack dialog box: Click Next twice and then click Create.

    The result depends on the panel or page. For Save as stack, the Open stack link appears. For Create stack, the Stack details page opens.

  8. To view a stack created from the Save as stack panel, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Open stack.
    • List stacks and click the name of the new stack. The newest stack is at the top of the list.