Roving Edge Infrastructure Data Synchronization

Describes how to manage the transmission of object storage data between buckets on your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices and your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. This update allows you to synchronize data between the Roving Edge Infrastructure devices and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud, and perform software updates.

You can perform the following data sync tasks:


The maximum size of an object you can use with Roving Edge Infrastructure devices is 10 TiB. Any objects in your object store workload or any custom images greater than 10 TiB in size are not included in the data synchronization.

The following are the prerequisite tasks for performing a bi-directional data synchronization:

  • Connect your Roving Edge Infrastructure device to your local site network, such as a site headquarters using the internet or FastConnect.

  • Provide routing using the internet or FastConnect to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region.

  • Specify the object storage buckets on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that contain the data that needs to be preloaded on your Roving Edge Infrastructure device when your device is being provisioned.

    Configure separate buckets to be either the source or destination of the transferred data. You cannot have bi-directional tasks or a task where the same pair of buckets reverse roles as bucket and source.


    You cannot set up a bi-directional sync using two tasks and the same object storage buckets used by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the Roving Edge Infrastructure devices.