Getting Started

Get started setting up and running your Roving Edge Infrastructure service and Roving Edge Devices.

This section leads you through the process of configuring a single node or cluster with workloads from your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. It then shows you how to use those workloads on the Roving Edge Devices (REDs).

This Getting Started section guides you along using the browser-based Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and RED Consoles. The RED Console provides you a user experience similar to what you are already familiar with using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.


Most Roving Edge Infrastructure tasks have command line interface (CLI) and API equivalents as well. CLI and API instruction for tasks described in Getting Started are addressed later in this document.

Request and configure your REDs using the Roving Edge Infrastructure service's Nodes or Clusters feature within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. After the devices are delivered and integrated into your local network, operate the REDs using the RED Console.

Proceed through these sections to learn the basics of setting up your Roving Edge Infrastructure environment.