Returning Roving Edge Infrastructure Devices to Oracle

Describes the procedure for returning a Roving Edge Infrastructure device back to Oracle.

Return your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices to Oracle when you no longer need them, or because of a technical issue that requires sending it back for repair and replacement.

Contacting Oracle for Device Return

When you are ready to return your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices to Oracle, contact My Oracle Support to arrange the pickup and delivery. See Get help and contact Support.

Preparing Devices for Return

Before returning your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices to Oracle, delete all workloads and data on each device by performing the following tasks in order:


Ensure you have synced all your needed data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Data Sync before deleting it from your devices. See Data Sync Tasks.

Successfully completing these tasks before returning the devices to Oracle complies with your terms and conditions.

Returning Non-Working Devices

Contact My Oracle Support (MOS) if your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices is not working because of damage or any other type of failure. MOS determines whether the device is repairable onsite. If onsite repair is not possible, you will receive a replacement device with instructions on how return or destroy the non-working device.


You might incur fees for the non-working device as described in your rate card documentation.