Setting Up Devices

Describes how to set up your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices.

Follow the instructions in this section to receive, inspect, and configure your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices for use in your environment. Perform the tasks described in this section on each device you receive.

Receiving and Inspecting Devices

When you take possession of your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices, your Roving Edge Infrastructure device request is updated to Delivered status in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console for your tenancy. The date and time it was received are also included.

Perform the following tasks when you first receive your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices, including inspecting the device and ensuring there has been no tampering.

  1. Visually inspect the Roving Edge Infrastructure device shipping container for any damage, tampering, or missing ties before opening it.

  2. Compare the serial number that appears on all the security ties with the serial number listed in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. This serial number is listed in the Details section of the node or cluster request.

  3. Unpack and visually inspect each Roving Edge Infrastructure device for any tampering or damage.

    Report any damage or concerns to Oracle using a Service Request ticket.


Do not connect or further handle a Roving Edge Infrastructure device you feel is damaged, compromised, or otherwise unacceptable.

Setting Up Terminal Emulation

Use the following guidance for setting up your terminal emulation.

Oracle recommends the following terminal emulation software depending on your host operating system:

  • PuTTY for Windows

  • ZOC for OS X

  • PuTTY or Minicom for Linux

Configure the following terminal emulator software settings:

  • Baud Rate: 115200

  • Emulation: VT102

  • Handshaking: Disabled/off

  • RTS/DTS: Disabled/off


PuTTY does not allow you to configure all of these settings individually. However, you can configure the PuTTY default settings by selecting the Serial connection type and specifying "115200" for the Serial Line baud speed. This configuration is sufficient to use PuTTY as a terminal emulator for the appliance.

Connecting Devices to Your Network

After you receive your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices and they have passed inspection, connect them to your local network through the 10GBaseT RJ-45 Ethernet port. The intra-node network runs over the 100GbE QSFP28 ports connected to the internal cluster switch.

You need a controlling host computer, such as a laptop, running terminal emulation software such as PuTTY to perform this task. See Setting Up Terminal Emulation.

  1. Connect the provided USB-to-DB-9 Ethernet cable from the Roving Edge Infrastructure device serial port to a controlling host using terminal emulation.

  2. Power up the device.

Unlocking Devices

By default, a Roving Edge Infrastructure device arrives in a locked state. After you have connected the device to your network, you must unlock the device using an unlock passphrase obtained from the device's node resource in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Also, anytime you reboot the device, it reverts to a locked state. Receiving a "Device is locked" message after trying to connect to an API endpoint is indicative that the device is in a locked state. Unlock the device to proceed.

Your device must be running and connected to your controlling host running terminal emulation software such as PuTTY to unlock the device. See Setting Up Terminal Emulation.

  1. Connect to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console for your tenancy.

  2. Access the node or cluster request within the Roving Edge Infrastructure service.

  3. Locate the unlock passphrase, which is listed in the Details section of your node or cluster resource.

  4. Access the device using terminal emulation. See Setting Up Terminal Emulation for more information.

    You are prompted to provide the unlock passphrase.

  5. Enter the unlock passphrase.

    The device now accepts your commands.


If your device is unexpectedly in a locked state, it might have accidentally rebooted. Check that your power connection is steady and not inadvertently causing device reboots.

Configuring Devices

After you have entered your unlock passphrase and have full access to the Roving Edge Infrastructure device, configure its settings through your controlling host.

  1. Using terminal emulation, select the Configure the Network menu option and follow the prompts to set up the network connection. These tasks include entering the public IP address, subnet mask length, and gateway IP address.

    After typing an IP range and pressing Enter, press Enter again on the blank input line to submit. If more IP ranges are needed, press Enter after each range to open an extra line of input. A blank input line must be submitted as the last entry to submit everything. To cancel and go back, press Ctrl+C.

  2. Reboot the device.

    Upon restart, the device connects to the network through the serial port.

  3. Reconnect and reconfigure the network as needed.

What's Next?

After you have completed the tasks associated with setting up your devices, continue on to Administering Devices.