Roving Edge Infrastructure Station Clusters

Describes how to manage your Roving Edge Infrastructure station cluster requests in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

A Roving Edge Infrastructure station cluster is an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service resource representing a group of 15-30 REDs (represented in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as nodes) connected with a Layer 2 switch. The station cluster is used to order and manage theRoving Edge Infrastructure station cluster, which is a pre-configured 24-foot ISO self-contained shipping container/trailer that functions as a mobile, modular data center for up to 30 REDs (6 x 5-node clusters). Each station cluster comes with an AC power unit, cooling equipment, four 38U racks and two 24-port Ethernet switches. You can link Roving Edge Infrastructure station clusters to an OCI region through a FastConnect VPN. Each RED is preloaded with user-specified data provisioned from an object storage bucket within the user's tenancy.

A Roving Edge Infrastructure station cluster request includes the following:

  • User-defined cluster name

  • Subscription ID issued by Oracle when the Roving Edge Infrastructure station subscription is purchased.

  • Number of RED nodes included in the cluster

  • Shipping information (delivery to customer site or pickup from Oracle facility)

  • Customer contact information

  • Customer site address

  • One or more selected workloads, consisting of content residing in specified buckets residing on your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. That content is preloaded onto the nodes comprising the cluster, and then made available to you by the delivery method you specify.


Ordering Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure devices and clusters requires important terms and conditions to be understood and acknowledged prior to taking possession. Please confirm that these terms and conditions have been included as part of your Oracle Cloud agreement. Once Oracle validates your request, your Roving Edge Infrastructure are provisioned and available for your possession.

You can perform the following Roving Edge Infrastructure station cluster management tasks: