Query or Search Results are Not as Expected

There are several reasons why you might not see results that you expect from a search or query.

Not all resource types have been indexed for Search. For a list of currently supported resource types, see Supported Resources.

You might not have the required permissions for the resource type that you want to view in search or query results. If there's no policy that grants you the permissions you need, then an administrator must create one for you or add you to a group that's already named in a policy. For more information, see Details for Search.

The query syntax you used might need adjustment. Verify that the conditions in your query language haven't restricted the results to a narrower set than you intended.

If you recently created a resource, it might not show up in search results immediately. Similarly, if you recently updated a resource, your changes might not immediately appear. At times, you might see a resource in a list view before you can see it in search results. The Search service is eventually consistent. Wait, and then try again.