Editing an SDDC

Edit an SDDC in VMware Solution. You can update SDDC properties such as display name, SSH key, VMware software version, and the VLANs that the SDDC uses.

If you change the VMware software version after provisioning an SDDC, the new version is used only on ESXi hosts that you add to the SDDC. The software version of existing hosts isn't changed.

Changes that you make to the SDDC by using the OCI Console, API, or CLI aren't automatically made in vCenter. For example, if you change the software version or the SSH keys, the change applies only to ESXi hosts that you add to the SDDC. To change these properties for existing hosts, you must make the applicable updates in vCenter manually.

    1. Open the navigation menu, click Hybrid, and then click VMware Solution.
    2. Click the name of the SDDC that you want to edit. If you don’t see the SDDC listed, ensure that the correct compartment is selected.
    3. Click Edit SDDC.
    4. (Optional) Change the SDDC's basic information:
      1. SDDC name: Enter a descriptive name for the SDDC. This name must be unique among all SDDCs in the creating, active, or updating state across all compartments in the region. The name must be from 1 to 16 characters long and must start with a letter. It can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphens (-), and hyphens can’t be next to each other. The name isn't case-sensitive. For example, "test" and "Test" are treated as the same name. Avoid entering confidential information.
      2. VMware software sersion: Select the version of VMware software to install on new ESXi hosts. Although the VMware software bundle includes vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vCenter components, the new version that you specify here is the vSphere version only. The update doesn't impact the versions of the vSAN, NSX, or vCenter components.
      3. SSH key: Provide the public key part of the SSH key. This key is required for remote connections to the ESXi hosts.
    5. (Optional) Change the VLANs used by the SDDC's components:
      1. Under Resources, click SDDC networks.
      2. On the VLANs tab, click Change VLANs.
      3. Make the applicable changes. See VLANs for more information.
    6. (Recommended) Click the vSphere client link to go to vCenter, and make the appropriate updates for the SDDC properties that you changed in the Console. You can do this task now or after you save your changes.
    7. Click Save changes.
  • Use the sddc update command and required parameters to update the SDDC:

    oci ocvs sddc update --nsx-edge-up1-id nsx_edge_up1_id --nsx-edge-up2-id nsx_edge_up2_id 
    --nsx-edge-vtep-id nsx_edge_vtep_id --nsx-vtep-id nsx_vtep_id --sddc-id sddc_OCID --vmotion-id $vmotion_id 
    --vmware-version vmware_version --vsan-id vsan_id --vsphere-id vsphere_id [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the CLI Command Reference.

  • Run the UpdateSddc operation to edit the SDDC information.