Creating a Vulnerability Audit

Describes how to create a vulnerability audit.

You can create a vulnerability audit using an Oracle SDK, the Oracle Command Line Interface (CLI), or the Application Dependency Management API. All three approaches have the following prerequisites:

  • You have created a compartment, or have access to an existing compartment. (To create a compartment, see Managing Compartments.)

  • You have created a knowledge base, or have access to an existing knowledge base. (To create a knowledge base, see Creating a Knowledge Base.)

You can't create a vulnerability audit using the Console.

Using the CLI

Use the oci adm vulnerability-audit create command and required parameters to create a vulnerability audit:

oci adm vulnerability-audit create --build-type build_type --knowledge-base-id knowledge_base_id [OPTIONS]

For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the CLI Command Reference.