Getting Started with Application Dependency Management

Learn how to get started with the Application Dependency Management service, and the prerequisites for using it.


Before you begin using the Application Dependency Management service, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • You have signed up for an account with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and have received your sign-in credentials.

  • Each service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integrates with Identity and Access Management (IAM) for authentication and authorization, for all interfaces (the Console, SDK and CLI, and REST API). Access permissions are provided to users within a particular compartment. You can create a compartment or reuse an existing one. See Managing Compartments.

Setting up Groups and Users

  1. Create a Group or use an existing group in your tenancy.

    Users of this group are allowed to manage the Application Dependency Management service.

  2. Creating Users and add them (or existing users) to the group.