Exploring Your Application Service Details

The Oracle Cloud Console provides details about your applications service subscriptions.

Application Service Overview

The Overview gives you details about your subscriptions. The details can vary depending on the service, but typically include:

  • Details about what is included in your purchased subscriptions.
  • Access to compliance documents.
  • Links to your application service documentation and other information.

Also, depending on whether the application service supports self-service environment creation and lifecycle management, the Overview page includes one of the following options:


If Oracle creates and manages the application environments for this application, you'll see a Links page that lists your Subscription IDs and the corresponding URLs to access your application service consoles.

Click the displayed link to open the service console and start using your application.


If the application supports self-service environment management, you'll see an Environments page. For details on managing environments, see:

Managing Fusion Applications Environments for Fusion Applications

Managing Applications Environments for other applications