Getting a Repository's Details in Artifact Registry

Get details about a specific repository in Artifact Registry.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under Containers & Artifacts, click Artifact Registry.
    2. Under List scope, choose the compartment that contains the repositories.
    3. Click the name of the repository that you want to see details for.
  • To get a repository's details, use the artifacts repository resource, referenced in Artifact Registry CLI.

    Get all the commands for artifacts repository:

    oci artifacts repository -h

    Get help for the get command:

    oci artifacts repository get -h

    Find the options to provide for the get command:


    Get details for a specific repository:

    oci artifacts repository get --repository-id <repository-OCID>


    oci artifacts repository get --repository-id

    Sample output:

          "compartment-id": "",
          "defined-tags": {},
          "description": "",
          "display-name": "artifactrepository20210423180901",
          "freeform-tags": {},
          "id": "",
          "is-immutable": true,
          "lifecycle-state": "AVAILABLE",
          "repository-type": "GENERIC",
          "time-created": "2021-04-23T18:09:02.511000+00:00"
         etag: "xxxxxx"
  • Use the GetRepository operation to get a repository's details.