Deploying a Resource Manager Stack for a Migration Plan

In Oracle Cloud Migrations, learn how to deploy an RMS stack that applies the RMS stack on the migration plan to create VM instances.

Using the Console

To deploy a Resource Manager stack, do the following:
  1. Open the Oracle Cloud Console navigation menu and click Migration. Under Cloud Migrations, click Migrations.
  2. Click the active migration project name link that includes the plan where you want to deploy the RMS stack.
    You are redirected to the Migration project details page.
  3. Under Migration plans, click the active migration plan name link where you want to deploy the RMS stack.
    The Migration plan details page is displayed and under Migration plan information, you can find that the RMS stack is created.
  4. Click Deploy RMS stack and then click Deploy RMS stack.
    This action applies the RMS stack and creates instances, which you can see on OCI.
  5. Navigate to the Migration plan details page and you can view the resources or instances that are created under Created resources.
  6. To view an instance in OCI, under Created resources, click an instance.

You’re redirected to the Instance page that displays all information about the replicated VM. Under Boot volume, you can see that the boot volume is the same as it appears for replicated volumes.

Using the CLI

To view the stack generated during migration plan execution, use the execute command.

oci cloud-migrations migration-plan execute --migration-plan-id migration_plan_ID [OPTIONS]

The required parameter for the execute command is:

--migration-plan-id: Specifies the OCID of the migration plan.

To get all the commands for migration-plan, run:

oci cloud-migrations migration-plan -h

To get help for the execute command, run:

oci cloud-migrations migration-plan execute -h

For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

Using the API

To view the stack generated during migration plan execution, use the ExecuteMigrationPlan operation.