Creating a Migration Plan

In Oracle Cloud Migrations, learn how to create a migration plan using various methods.

Using the Console

To create a migration plan, perform the following steps:
  1. From the Migration project details page, under Migration plans, click Create migration plan.
  2. Choose a Compartment.
    For more information, see Authentication and Authorization.
  3. Enter a Display name for the plan.
    For example, vSphere6.5MigrationPlan2
  4. Choose a Target compartment.
  5. Under Migration strategies, specify the Resource type and Strategy type.
    These fields determine how the source metadata collected during discovery is represented in the OCI target environment. Using default settings, Oracle Cloud Migrations generates a one-to-one relationship between the source and target. You can define the migration strategies to configure the migration recommendations.
    1. Choose a Resource type.
      • Default (one-to-one relationship with the source asset)

        If you do not define any resource type, the strategy type is applied to both CPU and memory.
      • CPU
      • Memory
    2. Choose a Strategy type.
      • As is (one-to-one relationship with the source asset)
      • Average
      • Peak
      • Percentile

      By default, the strategy type used is As is. If you choose the strategy type as average or peak, you can specify the metric type or metric type window.

      If you choose the strategy type as percentile, you can specify the metric type window and percentile.

    3. (Optional) Choose a Metric type.
      • Auto
      • Historical
      • Runtime
    4. (Optional) Choose a Metric time window.

      One Value

    5. (Optional) Enter an Adjustment multiplier.

      Freeform numerical value

    To know more about the recommendation strategies based on migration strategies, see Understanding Recommendation Strategies and Cost Estimates.

    Example for a Migration Strategy type with Resource type

    Use the following settings for a strategy based on the CPU utilization runtime metrics of the last 24 hours. The strategy is scaled up to 20% above average, so that any extra CPU usage is accounted for.

    Set the resource type as CPU, strategy type as Average, metric-type as Runtime to use the metrics that are available from vCenter, metric-type window as one day, adjustment multiplier as 1.2.

  6. Under Target environment, provide the following details of the OCI virtual machine:
    1. Select a virtual machine shape from the following:
      • Use system recommendation–Provides a virtual machine shape based on source metadata.
      • Select preferred shape type–Allows you to manually define the shape of the OCI virtual machine.

        To change shape type, see Configuring a Target Asset.

    2. Choose a VCN in target compartment. This value specifies the VCN to which the migrated VMs are connected.
    3. Choose a Subnet in target compartment. This value specifies the subnet to which the migrated VMs are connected.
    4. Choose a Dedicated virtual machine host that aligns with the compartment and AD assignments.
      Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports a feature that allocates an entire physical host and this host is managed by OCI. If such a host is available, you can use this host as a target for migration instead of using a shared OCI compute environment.
  7. From the left pane of the wizard, click Review and Create, or click Next.
You can now generate a Resource Manager stack or configure target assets.

Using the CLI

To create a migration plan, use the create command.

oci cloud-migrations migration-plan create --compartment-id target_compartment_ID --display-name migration_plan_name --migration-id migration_ID [OPTIONS]
The required parameters for the create command are:
  • --compartment-id: Specifies the OCID of the compartment name.
  • --display-name: Specifies a unique name for the migration plan.
  • --migration-id: Specifies the OCID of the associated migration.

To get all the commands for migration-plan, run:

oci cloud-migrations migration-plan -h

To get help for the create command, run:

oci cloud-migrations migration-plan create -h

For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.