Deploy Required Migration Prerequisites

The Oracle Cloud Migrations service enables you to migrate VMware virtual machines to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute. To use the Oracle Cloud Migrations service, you need to have access to an OCI tenancy, set up appropriate dynamic groups and service policies, a Vault for storing source environment credentials, an Object Storage bucket for data replication, tagging namespace, and tags. Ensure that you have created all these migration resources before you start the migration process.

The recommended way to deploy Oracle Cloud Migrations prerequisites is by using the Resource Manager Stack provided on the Oracle Cloud Migrations Overview page of the Oracle Cloud Console. The stack includes tags that the Console detects when newer prerequisite versions, such as updated service policies, are available. When new service features are released, a stack update is provided for any additional prerequisite resources. In addition to the prerequisites, user policies and groups can also be used to enable the tenancy users to use the service. For more information, see User Policies.

Different Scenarios for Deploying Migration Prerequisites

The Oracle Cloud Migrations Overview page displays a banner based on the following scenarios. The scenario is determined by the existence of tagged migration prerequisite resources in the currently selected compartment.
Scenario Description User action
When the prerequisites for migration are not created. An information block is displayed and it prompts you to create prerequisites. When you click Create Prerequisites, you are redirected to the stacks page for creating required stacks. Create migration prerequisites
When the migration prerequisites are already created and up to date. An information block and the Review prerequisites card are displayed on the page. Review migration prerequisites
When the existing prerequisites need to be updated. An information block with steps to update the prerequisites is displayed. Update migration prerequisites
Based on these scenarios, you can perform the following tasks: