Creating a Discovery Work Request

After creating an asset source, run the Oracle Cloud Migrations external asset discovery.

Using the Console

To create a discovery work request, follow these steps:
  1. Open the Oracle Cloud Console navigation menu and click Migration. Under Cloud Migrations, click Discovery.
  2. From the list of asset sources, click an active asset source.
    The Asset source details page opens and you can view the active connectors that connect the discovery plugin with the source environment.
  3. Click Run Discovery to start a discovery job by refreshing the asset source.
  4. Under Resources, click Work requests and find the discovery job.
  5. Wait for the Status of a work request to change to Succeeded.
  6. Under Resources, click Assets.
You can now see a mapping between the VMs in the source environment and the discovered assets.

Using the CLI

To run the external asset discovery for an asset source and get details of the discovery work request, use the asset source refresh command.

oci cloud-bridge discovery asset-source refresh --asset-source-id asset_source_ID [OPTIONS]

The required parameter for the refresh command is:

--asset-source-id: Specifies the OCID of the asset source.

To get all the commands for discovery asset-source, run:

oci cloud-bridge discovery asset-source -h

To get help for the refresh command, run:

oci cloud-bridge discovery asset-source refresh -h
For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

Using the API

To get details of a discovery request for an asset source, use the asset source RefreshAssetSource operation.