Getting Started

Learn about Data Labeling, what it is, how to load documents, images and text, and what you need to do before you begin using it, including setting up policies and storage.

Before You Begin with Data Labeling

Find out what you need in place before you can start using Data Labeling.


Avoid entering confidential information when assigning descriptions, tags, or friendly names to your cloud resources through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, API, or CLI. This applies when creating or editing a dataset in Data Labeling.

Before you begin using Data Labeling, you must have:

  • An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account.
  • A Service Administrator role for your Oracle Cloud services. When the service is activated, Oracle sends the credentials and URL to the chosen Account Administrator. The Account Administrator creates an account for each user who needs access to the service.
  • A supported browser, such as:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x+

    • Mozilla Firefox ESR 38+

    • Google Chrome 42+