Getting a Custom Model's Details in Generative AI

Get the details for a custom model in OCI Generative AI.

  1. In the navigation bar of the Console, select a region with Generative AI, for example, US Midwest (Chicago). If you don't know which region to select, see the region for each pretrained model.
  2. Open the navigation menu and click Analytics & AI. Under AI Services, click Generative AI.
  3. Select the compartment that contains the custom model.
  4. Click Custom models.
  5. Click the name of the custom model that you want to see details for.
  6. View the following details in the Model details tab:
    • Basic information such as compartment, OCID, description, and creation date and time
    • State
      • Active
      • Creating
      • Deleting
      • Deleted
      • Failed
    • Lifecycle details: For example, Created Model or Deleted.
    • Base model: The base model used for fine-tuning.
    • Capability: What the custom model can be used for, which aligns with the base model:
      • Chat
      • Text generation
    • Dedicated AI cluster: The OCID of the fine-tuning dedicated AI cluster used for the model which links to the dedicated AI cluster detail page.
    • Dataset: The name of the training file and the bucket that contained the training file.
  7. In the Fine-tuning configuration tab, see the fine-tuning method and hyperparameters.
  8. Click Model performance to view the model metrics.
  9. Click Endpoints to view all the endpoints created for this model. Click an endpoint for its details, including the dedicated AI cluster that was used for hosting the model for this endpoint.
  10. Click the Tags tab to see any tags associated with this custom model.