Overview of Media Services

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Media Services is a fully managed service for processing media (video) source content. It provides scalable distribution and origination for just-in-time packaged Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) video content. The OCI Media Services includes OCI Media Flow and OCI Media Streams. The services can be used independently or together and operate on the content stored in the OCI Object Store.

OCI Media Flow enables you to configure content processing workflows that can be used to process video source content. The processing includes transcoding, transcribing, thumbnail generation, ABR packaging, and integration with OCI AI Services such as Speech (for automatic transcription), Language (for Natural Language Processing (NLP) based analysis of the transcript), and Vision (for object detection and text extraction).

Media Flow uses the Object Storage bucket in the OCI Object Storage service as the input source and performs the specified transcoding operations to create the ABR package in your object storage bucket. You can deliver the output from OCI Media Flow as streamed Video on Demand (VOD) using OCI Media Streams. For details, see Media Flow Overview.

OCI Media Streams provides the capability to deliver digital video packaged in a format such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to viewers. You can ingest pre-packaged HLS packages, or you can use OCI Media Flow to transcode and package a source video into a format suitable for streaming. Media Streams can be configured to act as the origin service for video distribution through a Content Delivery Network (CDN). For details, see Media Streams Overview.

Here is an overview of a typical end-to-end VOD streaming solution built on OCI. The following diagram shows how OCI Media Flow and OCI Media Streams are integrated. Media Services architecture diagram