Regional Availability

Oracle Database Service for Azure (ODSA) uses the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure that is available in the locations listed on this page. ODSA database resources must be provisioned in these OCI regions.


If you already have an OCI tenancy, make sure your tenancy is subscribed to an OCI region listed on this page before you begin your sign up. See Managing Regions and To subscribe to an infrastructure region for more information.

Asia Pacific (APAC)

OCI location Azure location
OCI Japan East (Tokyo) Azure Tokyo
OCI Singapore (Singapore) Azure Singapore
OCI South Korea Central (Seoul) Azure Seoul

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

OCI location Azure location
OCI Germany Central (Frankfurt) Azure Frankfurt and Frankfurt2
OCI Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam) Azure Amersterdam2
OCI UK South (London) Azure London

Latin America (LATAM)

OCI location Azure location
OCI Brazil Southeast (Vinhedo) Azure Campinas

North America (NA)

OCI location Azure location
OCI Canada Southeast (Toronto) Azure Canada Central
OCI US East (Ashburn) Azure Washington DC and Washington DC2
OCI US West (Phoenix) Azure Phoenix
OCI US West (San Jose) Azure Silicon Valley