Managing OCI Database with PostgreSQL Configurations

Create and use lists of database configuration variables for an OCI Database with PostgreSQL database system.

Configurations are lists of variables that you can set to tune or optimize a database. When you create a database system, a set of default variables that are optimized based on the database system configuration are applied. You can adjust the default values, save them as a custom configuration list, and apply them to other database systems.


Because the OCI Database with PostgreSQL service optimizes configuration variables for you, only advanced users might need to change and manage them. For more information, see PostgreSQL reference manual.

Manage configuration lists using the following tasks:


Each configuration contains a list of variables. Variable types include:

  • User variables, which can be changed in a custom configuration list. You can edit user variables when you create or copy a configuration. Some user variables are default user variables. You can't remove these default user variables from a configuration.

    • Dynamic variables, which can be changed without restarting the database.
    • Static variables, which require PostgreSQL to be restarted to be changed.
  • System variables, which can't be changed. System variables are defined according to the shape or requirements of the database.

To view the values associated with a specific configuration variable, see Getting Default Configuration Details and Getting Custom Configuration Details.

Required IAM Policy

The following policy statements allow a group of administrators to manage OCI Database with PostgreSQL resources:

Allow group <postgresql-admin-group> to manage postgres-db-systems in compartment <database_compartment>
Allow group <postgresql-admin-group> to manage postgres-backups in compartment <database_compartment>
Allow group <postgresql-admin-group> to manage postgres-configurations in compartment <database_compartment>
Allow group <postgresql-admin-group> to read postgres-work-requests in compartment <database_compartment>

For more information, see OCI Database with PostgreSQL Policies.