Automated Cluster Backups

OCI Search with OpenSearch creates backups of your OpenSearch clusters automatically.

The backups are generated daily, stored in the same compartment as the source cluster, and maintained for 14 days. These settings are not configurable. You can also create a backup manually.

You have two options for restoring a cluster from a backup:

  1. Restore the backup to the source cluster.
  2. Restore the backup to a new cluster.

You can delete your cluster backups, see Deleting an OpenSearch Cluster Backup.

IAM Policy

To use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you must be granted security access in a policy  by an administrator. This access is required whether you're using the Console or the REST API with an SDK, CLI, or other tool. If you get a message that you don’t have permission or are unauthorized, verify with your administrator what type of access you have and which compartment  to work in.

Before you can create or manage a cluster or a cluster backup, you need to configure permissions to allow Search with OpenSearch access to create and manage the required Networking resources. The permissions need to be configured for the compartment that contains the Networking resources, so if the cluster is in a different compartment from the VCN and subnet, ensure that the service permissions are configured for the compartment containing the VCN and subnet.

The group needs access to create Search with OpenSearch resources.

The following policy includes the required permissions:

Allow service opensearch to manage vnics in compartment <NETWORK_RESOURCES_COMPARTMENT>
Allow service opensearch to manage vcns in compartment <NETWORK_RESOURCES_COMPARTMENT>
Allow service opensearch to use subnets in compartment <NETWORK_RESOURCES_COMPARTMENT>
Allow service opensearch to use network-security-groups in compartment <NETWORK_RESOURCES_COMPARTMENT>
Allow group SearchOpenSearchAdmins to manage opensearch-family in compartment <CLUSTER_RESOURCES_COMPARTMENT>

The service permissions included in this example are required as specified. You can configure the user permissions, specified in the last line in this example, with more granularity. For more details, see Service Permissions.

If you're new to policies, see Getting Started with Policies and Common Policies.

Manual Backups

Manual backups are on-demand one-off backups that you can launch immediately using the steps outlined in Creating an OpenSearch Cluster Backup.

When you manually create a backup, you can create the backup in a different compartment than the source cluster for the backup. Backups created manually are maintained for 14 days, the same amount of time that automatically generated backups are maintained.

Option 1. Restore the backup to the source cluster

With this option, you revert the data in your existing cluster to a snapshot from a previous point in time. The backup can only be restored to the source, you cannot select another cluster to restore the backup to. Use this option when the cluster is fine, but there's an issue with the data in your cluster, so you just want to restore the data. See Restoring a Backup to the Source OpenSearch Cluster.

Option 2. Restore the backup to a new cluster

With this option, you restore the backup to a different cluster. Before you restore the backup, you need to create the new cluster. Follow the steps in Creating an OpenSearch Cluster, and specify the name node configuration options as the ones for the cluster you are restoring from backup.

Use this option when the cluster itself has failed and you need to rebuild the cluster. See Restoring a Backup to a New OpenSearch Cluster.