Supported Plugins

Learn about the supported plugins in Search with OpenSearch.

The following table identifies the plugins supported by Search with OpenSearch. For language-specific plugins, see Supported Languages.

Plugin Details Available Version
Alerting Monitor data and create alert notifications that trigger when conditions occur in one or more indexes.
analysis-phonetic Performs phonetic analysis and representation.
Anomaly Detection Automatically detects anomalies in OpenSearch data in near real-time using the Random Cut Forest (RCF) algorithm.
Common Utils A library of utilities for building Java-based OpenSearch plugins
  • 2.11 (Plugin version 2.10)
Enhanced Table Provides features for a data table, including computed columns, filter bar and pivot table.
ingest-attachment Supports extraction of file attachments in common formats.
mapper-size Allows the indexing of the file size in bytes to make it accessible for queries, etc.

Automates periodic tasks such as reducing replica count or deleting older indexes. For more information, see Managing Indexes.

Job Scheduler Provides a framework that can be used to build schedules for common tasks performed on a cluster.
k-NN Short for k-nearest neighbors, use the k-NN plugin to search for the k-nearest neighbors to a query point across an index of vectors.
ML Commons Provides a set of common machine learning (ML) algorithms through transport and REST API calls
Neural Search Transforms text into vectors and facilitates vector search both at ingestion time and at search time.
Notifications Provides a central location for notifications from other OpenSearch plugins.
Query Workbench Translates SQL and PPL queries into their equivalent REST API calls, and then enables you to view and save the results in different response formats.
Reporting Enables the creation of reports from OpenSearch Dashboards.
SQL Enables SQL queries for OpenSearch.