Description for Adapter Inbound Request Processing

This image shows the Metrics Explorer title at the top. On the left side is the Monitoring navigation pane. Below this are the Service Metrics, Metrics Explorer (which is selected), Alarm Status, Alarm Definitions, and Health Checks links. To the right are the Start Time, End Time, and Quick Selects fields. To the far right are the Y-Axis Label, Y-Axis Min Value, and Y-Axis Max Value fields. Below this is the Show Data Table link.

Below this is a graph with Processing Time (vertical direction) and Time (horizontal direction) elements. The Options list is in the upper right. Below this is the adjusted x-axis graph. Below this is the Close Query Editor button.

Below this is the Query section. This section includes the query being run, the Add Query button, the Compartment field, the Metric Namespace field, Resource Group field, the Advanced Mode check box, the Metric Name field, Interval field, and Statistic field. Below this is the Metric Dimensions section.