About Application Performance Monitoring

Businesses depend on their applications to deliver core business processes. As emphasis shifts to remote and online access, accuracy, speed, and consistency become paramount. These dynamics call for proactive steps to ensure that online customers can successfully access information and complete transactions in a timely manner. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Application Performance Monitoring service provides deep visibility into the performance of applications and provides the ability to diagnose issues quickly in order to deliver a consistent level of service. This includes the monitoring of the multiple components and application logic spread across clients, third-party services, and back-end computing tiers, on premises or on the cloud.

Here's a diagram that provides an overview of the Application Performance Monitoring service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, its features and components, and the other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services it works with:

Application Performance Monitoring Overview

Here are the features of Application Performance Monitoring:

  • Distributed Tracing: Collects and processes transaction instance trace data using Application Performance Monitoring data sources, open-source tracers, or directly using API. Distributed Tracing monitors transaction performance, volume, and error rate and notifies you of issues. It analyzes load, usage patterns, performance, and capacity across out-of-the-box and custom dimensions.
  • Synthetic Monitoring: Evaluates the availability of your application by testing it periodically from multiple vantage points. This ensures the early detection of availability and systemic performance issues. Synthetic Monitoring also provides deep transaction visibility by correlating monitor execution results to collected traces.
  • Real User Monitoring: Provides an insight into the experience of the end user directly from the browser. Real User Monitoring identifies performance degradation by monitoring page load time and user action. It enables complete end-user support by tracking user sessions.
  • Server Monitoring: Collects performance and usage metrics from monitored application servers. Server Monitoring provides alerting and charting capabilities by integrating with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring service.

In addition, you can use the Oracle-defined dashboards provided with Application Performance Monitoring for a comprehensive view of the performance and availability of your applications and end-user experience in real time.