Customize an Oracle-defined Dashboard

You can customize the Oracle-defined dashboards for Application Performance Monitoring to create your own custom dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboards page.
  2. On the left pane, select a compartment.
  3. Optionally, sort the list of dashboards by the Created By column to identify the ones created by Oracle. For information on the Oracle-defined dashboards, see Oracle-defined Dashboards for Application Performance Monitoring.
  4. For the Oracle-defined dashboard that you want to customize, click the Actions icon (Actions icon) and click Duplicate.
    The Duplicate Dashboard dialog is displayed.
  5. In the Duplicate Dashboard dialog:
    • Specify a name for the duplicate dashboard.
    • Select the compartment in which the dashboard must reside.

    Click OK.

  6. Click the name of the duplicate dashboard to open it.
  7. Click Actions and then click Edit to go to the Edit mode, and click the Actions icon (Actions icon) on the widget to alter the size of the widget, change the layout by moving the widget, edit, or delete the widget.
  8. Optionally, on the Widgets tab, select the compartment and add an Oracle-defined widget from the list of available widgets or click Create Metric Widget to create a metric widget and add it to the dashboard. For information on metric widgets, see Create a Metric Widget.

    As you add widgets to the custom dashboard, you may be required to configure inputs to the widget in the Configure <Name> Input for <Name of Widget> (Required) dialog box. For information on the options available in this dialog box, see Create a Custom Dashboard.

  9. Optionally, on the Filters tab, click or drag and drop an additional filter that you want to add to the dashboard and select an option in the filter drop-down list. Note that Oracle-defined dashboards have existing filters such as Compartment and APM Domain, and these filters are already added to the dashboard.
  10. Click Save changes to save your changes.