View Trace or Span Details

You can view the details of a single trace or span in the corresponding Trace Details or Span Details window.

In the trace or span results in Trace Explorer, you can either click the link in the Service: Operation column or click the Actions icon (Actions icon) and click Show trace details or Show span details.

Trace Details provides a comprehensive summary of the trace such as the status, number of services, and number of spans. It also includes:

  • A topology of the trace and its spans. By default, the nodes in the topology denote operations, however, you can click the Show Services icon (Show Services icon) to view the services in the trace. If you change the setting to view services instead of operations, the next time you come to the Trace Details window, the default view changes to display services instead of operations. The colors in the topology correspond to each service in the trace. For more information on the Topology view, see View Service Topology.
  • A tree view of the root span and other parent spans and their duration. In the tree view, you can review the spans to identify bottlenecks or latency issues. You can also click a span to obtain in-depth information about the span in the Span Details window.
  • The Thread Snapshot view, which can be toggled by clicking the Snapshot icon (Snapshot icon), provides a deeper look in the data of a traces, showing information such as thread stack snapshots, and start time and end time, using the Deepdive module. For more information on Thread Snapshots, see View Thread Snapshots. For more information on initializing and configuring the Deepdive module, if you are using APM Java Agent, see Configure Thread Snapshots in APM Agent. If you are using APM Java Tracer, see Configure Thread Snapshots in APM Tracer.

Span Details displays general information pertaining to the span, such as when it started, the duration, and the span ID. It also includes:

  • Attributes: Displays the dimensions and metrics for a span.
  • Logs: Displays an entry log of the span, with information such as the time it was activated or in the case of browser spans, the time taken to set up the network connection (initTs).
  • Available drilldowns: Drilldowns are links to other services in OCI or other custom services using customizable URLs. They are available at APM domain level and listed under Drilldown configurations.

    Use Manage drilldowns to access Drilldown configurations.

    A Drilldown could be used for all spans in the respective APM domain, but only shows as an Available drilldown for a span if the attributes and the optional conditions of the drilldown apply.

  • Create a query: You can create a query using some of the span attributes and values from the table being displayed.
    • Use + sign for an attribute name to add the attribute name to the query target list.
    • Use + sign for an attribute value to add the attribute value to the query where clause.
    • Use - sign to remove an attribute name or value from the custom query.

    The query preview is displayed at the top, showing the span attributes or values that were just added.

    After creating a query, you can open it in Trace Explorer by clicking the Open in Trace Explorer link located at top right side.