About Customer Managed Oracle REST Data Services on Autonomous Database

Optionally, you can configure Autonomous Database to use Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) running in a customer managed environment.

When you provision an Autonomous Database instance, by default Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) is preconfigured and available for the instance. With the default Oracle REST Data Services, Oracle performs any required configuration, patching, and maintenance. When you use the default ORDS on Autonomous Database, you cannot modify any of the ORDS configuration options.

Use a customer managed environment if you want manual control of the configuration and management of Oracle REST Data Services. For example, use this option when your applications require larger connection pools or if you need more control over the ORDS configuration options.

When ORDS runs in a customer managed environment, you are responsible for configuration, patching, and maintenance of ORDS. After you configure Autonomous Database to use your customer managed ORDS in addition to the existing autonomously managed ORDS, you can route ORDS HTTPS traffic through your environment. The default Autonomous Database web server and ORDS are still running and ORDS traffic goes to the ORDS running in the customer managed environment. This provides an additional and alternative HTTPS solution for Autonomous Database.

Installing and configuring a customer managed environment for ORDS allows you to run ORDS with configuration options that are not possible using the default Oracle managed ORDS available with Autonomous Database.

See Installing and Configuring Customer Managed ORDS on Autonomous Database for more information.

Installing and configuring a customer managed environment for ORDS is only supported with Autonomous Database Serverless. Your Autonomous Database must be configured for one of the following workload types: Data Warehouse, Transaction Processing, or JSON Database.


Oracle REST Data Services 19.4.6 or higher is required to use a customer managed environment for ORDS with Autonomous Database. Customer managed environment for ORDS is not supported if your database is configured for APEX workload type.