Update the Display Name for an Autonomous Database Instance

Shows you the steps to change the display name for an Autonomous Database instance.

Perform the following prerequisite steps as necessary:

  • Open the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console by clicking the navigation icon next to Oracle Cloud.

  • From the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure left navigation menu click Oracle Database and then, depending on your workload click one of: Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous JSON Database, or Autonomous Transaction Processing.
  • On the Autonomous Databases page select an Autonomous Database from the links under the Display Name column.

To update the display name on an Autonomous Database instance:

  1. On the Details page, from the More Actions drop-down list, select Update Display Name.
    Description of adb_update_display_name.png follows
  2. Enter a display name in the New display name field.
    • The display name minimum length is 1 character and maximum length is 255 characters.

    • The display name must include only letters, numbers, underscores "_", and hyphens "-".

    • The display name must start with a letter or an underscore "_", and cannot contain two successive hyphens "-".

  3. Enter the current display name to confirm the change.
  4. Click Update Display Name.

You can see the updated display name on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.