Download Client Credentials

Oracle client credentials (wallet files) are downloaded from Autonomous Database by a service administrator. If you are not an Autonomous Database administrator, your administrator should provide you with the client credentials.

To download client credentials, do the following from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console:

  1. Navigate to the Autonomous Database details page.
  2. Click Database connection.
  3. On the Database connection page, click Download Wallet.
  4. In the Download Wallet dialog, enter a wallet password in the Password field and confirm the password in the Confirm Password field.
    The password must be at least 8 characters long and must include at least 1 letter and either 1 numeric character or 1 special character.

    This password protects the downloaded Client Credentials wallet. This wallet is not the same as the Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) wallet for the database; therefore, use a different password to protect the Client Credentials wallet.

    For cross-region standby Autonomous Databases, you can download region-specific connection strings by selecting Download region-specific connection strings only in the Download Wallet dialog.
  5. Click Download to save the client security credentials zip file.

    By default the filename is: You can save this file as any filename you want.

    You must protect this file to prevent unauthorized database access.

The zip file includes the following:

  • tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora: Network configuration files storing connect descriptors and SQL*Net client-side configuration.

  • cwallet.sso and ewallet.p12: Auto-open SSO wallet and PKCS12 file. PKCS12 file is protected by the wallet password provided on the OCI console.

  • truststore.jks: Java truststore file that is protected by the wallet password provided while downloading the wallet.

  • Contains the wallet related connection property required for JDBC connection. This should be in the same path as tnsnames.ora.

  • hostinfo.json: Host information file with a list of IP addresses that are part of the cluster used by the Autonomous Database.