Set up Infrastructure Resources for Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure

To get started with Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure, the fleet administrator must create the core infrastructure resources and institute access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel and applications have network access to the Autonomous Databases created on dedicated Exadata infrastructure.

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Determine and institute user access constraints

Determine the controls you deem necessary to ensure that your users have the appropriate access to the appropriate cloud resources to perform their job duties, and then create infrastructure resources to institute these controls.

Plan Access Controls and Create Supporting Resources

Create core infrastructure resources

Create an Exadata Infrastructure resource and then create an Autonomous Exadata VM Cluster resource on it.

If you are deploying on Oracle Cloud, make sure your service limits show at least one supported Exadata system shape available. Before attempting to create the infrastructure resources, request a service limit increase if necessary.

Deploying on Oracle Public Cloud:

Deploying on Exadata Cloud@Customer:

Create Autonomous Container Database resources

Create at least one Autonomous Container Database in an Autonomous Exadata VM Cluster resource.

Create an Autonomous Container Database

Create Autonomous Databases

Create at least one Autonomous Database in an Autonomous Container Database resource.

Create a Dedicated Autonomous Database


You can refer to the following use cases for a demonstration of the above discussed steps with an example: