Federated Identity Providers

The Compute Cloud@Customer service uses the same federated identity provider that provides your identity services to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The identity provider manages user logins, passwords, and authentication to access the service.

Federation involves setting up a trust relationship between the identity provider and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. When the administrator has established that relationship, any user who accesses the Compute Cloud@Customer console is prompted with a single sign-on experience offered by the identity provider.

For more information, see Federating with Identity Providers.

Identity Provider Administration

Your federated identity provider is configured in the tenancy, and Oracle ensures that the same identity provider is configured in Compute Cloud@Customer during installation (see Establish a Federated Identity Provider.)

If you are federating with Oracle Identity Cloud Service, see Federating with IDCS.


If you change your identity provider configuration in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle must make the same administrative changes on Compute Cloud@Customer. In this situation, open an Oracle service request to request help. See Create a service request.