Compute Cloud@Customer Platform Images

You can use the platform images that are included with Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer to create instances. You can choose from Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris images.


The platform images provided with Compute Cloud@Customer have been specifically configured for use on Compute Cloud@Customer only. The following restrictions apply:
  • Compute Cloud@Customer images can't be used to create other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances that aren't on Compute Cloud@Customer.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Platform images can't be used to create instances on Compute Cloud@Customer.

To see the Compute Cloud@Customer platform images, see Listing Images and Viewing Details.

To create an instance using an image provided with Compute Cloud@Customer, see:

Initial User Account

After you create an instance from a platform image, you initially connect to the instance using ssh with the user account opc. The opc user has sudo privileges.

The SSH connection is authenticated using your SSH key pair that's used during instance creation. For more information, see Connecting to an Instance.

Remote Access

Access to the instance is permitted only over SSH v2 protocol. All other remote access services are disabled.

Image OS Administration

After an image is used to create an instance, the instance OS administration is managed according to the OS type and version. For OS's provided in the platform images, refer to the Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris documentation available on Oracle Help Center's Operating Environments page.