Managing Compute Cloud@Customer Infrastructures

Compute Cloud@Customer infrastructures are the resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that communicate with the corresponding hardware and software in the customer's data center.

You must create an infrastructure before connecting the hardware and software.

See Creating a Compute Cloud@Customer Infrastructure in OCI and Connecting a Compute Cloud@Customer Infrastructure to OCI.

You can change the name and upgrade schedule associated with an infrastructure later. See Editing a Compute Cloud@Customer Infrastructure in OCI.

If you need to change the compartment where infrastructures are stored, you can do this. See Moving a Compute Cloud@Customer Infrastructure Between Compartments.

Don't try to delete an infrastructure if it has been used to connect to the Compute Cloud@Customer infrastructure in the data center.


Infrastructures depend on continuous connection to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. When Oracle Cloud Infrastructure isn't accessible, IAM configuration changes aren't synchronized on Compute Cloud@Customer and the required monitoring and maintenance tasks aren't performed.