Viewing Compute Cloud@Customer Default Metric Charts

You can view the default metric charts for the Compute Cloud@Customer infrastructure. The charts show metrics for total and available OCPUs, memory, and storage resources in the infrastructure.

For metric specifications, see Compute Cloud@Customer Metrics Reference.

  1. In the Oracle Cloud Console navigation menu, click Observability & Management.

  2. Under Monitoring, click Service Metrics.
  3. From the Console header, select the region that contains the metric data that you want.

    For more information about regions, see Understand Regions.

  4. On the Service Metrics page, select the compartment where the Compute Cloud@Customer infrastructure was created.

  5. For Metric namespace, select oci_ccc.

    The default metric charts are displayed.

  6. (Optional) To change the time range:

    1. Select a period of time from Quick Selects. For example, Last hour.
    2. To specify the start or end of a period time, click in Start time or End time and then type a value.