Getting Started with Data Catalog

Before you get started with using Data Catalog, you must ensure you have created the policies that are needed to use Data Catalog.

Create the required data catalog policies to use Data Catalog successfully.

Before You Begin

To create user groups and access policies, you must have:
  • An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account with administrator privileges
  • At least one user in your tenancy who wants to work with Data Catalog. This user must be created in the Identity service.

Create an Admin User Group

To grant permissions to a user, you must place the user in one or more groups and create at least one policy to give that group permission to either the tenancy or compartment.

To create a user group and add users to this group, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Console, open the navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Groups.
  2. Enter a name for your user group. For example, data-catalog-admins.
  3. Enter a description. For example, Group of data catalog admin users.
  4. Click Create.
    The new group is created.
  5. From the Groups list, click the group that you created.
  6. In the Group Details page, click Add User to Group.
  7. From the Users list, select the user that you want to add to the group.
  8. Click Add.

Using the Console's Data Catalog Overview Page

When you log on to Data Catalog and click Overview, you are presented with the Data Catalog Overview page.

The overview page provides you information about the Data Catalog capabilities, enables you to get started with the service, and points you to the available resources that help you to use Data Catalog efficiently.

Screenshot of the Data Catalog Overview page