Data Catalog Work Requests

Some Data Catalog operations initiate a work request that tracks the operation. You can view the work requests through APIs or the Console.

Example use cases for tracking operations:

  • Did a create or delete operation succeed?
  • When did the operation start and end?
  • At which step of the process, did the operation fail?


To view the work requests initiated by Data Catalog operations, you need to obtain certain permissions in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the relevant compartments in your tenancy. The following table lists these permissions.

Operation Required access for the operations in the data catalog compartment

To read the log and error messages for a work request, you must at least have the CATALOG_WORK_REQUEST_READ permission. The CATALOG_WORK_REQUEST_READ permission is one of the permissions for the data-catalogs resource. Your policy must be at least similar to the following policy, or with more access permission:

allow group <group-name> to read data-catalogs in <data catalog compartment>

If you want to get access to permissions for all the work requests, beyond the Data Catalog work requests, then you can give the following permission to the users:

allow group <group-name> to read work-requests in <data catalog compartment>

Work Request Statuses

A work request can be in one of the following statuses:

The request is in the work request queue to be processed.
A work request record exists for the specified request, but there is no associated WORK_COMPLETED record.
A work request record exists for this request and an associated WORK_COMPLETED record has the state SUCCEEDED.
A work request record exists for this request and an associated WORK_COMPLETED record has the state FAILED.
The work request is in the process of canceling.
The work request is canceled.