Creating a Connection

When you create a data asset in Data Integration, you provide the details for the default connection. If needed, you can add more connections to an existing data asset of any type except OCI Object Storage.

  • Note

    Support for using passwords will be deprecated soon. We recommend that you use the OCI Vault option. For information, see OCI Vault Secrets and Oracle Wallets.
    1. Navigate to the workspace in which you want to add connections to a data asset.

      For the steps to access a workspace, see Accessing a Workspace.

    2. On the workspace home page, click Data assets.
    3. In the list of data assets, click the name of the data asset.
    4. In the Connections section of the data asset details page, click Add connection.

      You can't add connections to an OCI Object Storage data asset because only one connection is allowed.

    5. In the Add connection panel, complete the fields as needed to create the connection. For information about the fields, see the applicable page for the data asset at Data Assets.

      Select the Make this the default connection check box if you want this connection to be the default connection for the data asset.

    6. (Optional) After you complete the required fields, click Test connection to ensure that a connection can be established.

      A success or failure message appears to indicate the result of the test. A successful test isn't required to add the connection.

    7. Click Save connection.

      If applicable, click Continue to continue using a password.

      A notification appears informing you that the connection is saved successfully.

  • Use the oci data-integration connection create command and required parameters to create a connection:

    oci data-integration connection create [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Run the CreateConnection operation to create a connection.