On the data asset details page, select Connections to view the list of connections that are available.

On the connections list, the default connection is indicated by the word (Default) at the end of the connection name.

The Actions menu for a connection has the following options:

  • Edit: Lets you edit the connection details.
  • Make default: Designates this connection as the default. The action is only applicable to a connection that's not designated as the default.
  • Test connection: Tests whether a connection can be established. If the test fails because of missing policies, you get a list of policies that must be added.

    • For an OCI Object Storage data asset, when you use a cross-tenancy OCID, you require policies to connect to the Object Storage data asset. For information about the required cross-tenancy policies and the process to create them, click the View Documentation button in the information box that appears when you enter a cross-tenancy OCID.
    • For an autonomous database data asset, you get the list of policies only if you have selected Use Vault Secret OCID as the option to provide the login credentials for the autonomous database
  • Copy connection key: Copies to the clipboard the key of the connection, which you can use with APIs.
  • Delete: Lets you delete the connection. You can't delete the connection that's designated as the default connection.