Transformations in Data Flow

When working in the Data Integration data flow designer, access the transformations available for use from the Data tab in the Properties panel of the operator you're configuring.


Ensure that you configure the data entities correctly before you access the Data tab.

When you apply a Rename or an Exclude transformation on a data attribute, an expression operator is added to the data flow for the transformation. When you apply other types of transformations:

  • If an expression operator doesn't exist downstream from the operator you are working on, Data Integration adds an expression operator to the data flow.
  • If an expression operator exists downstream from the operator where you are applying the transformation, Data Integration adds a transformation expression to that existing expression operator.

To undo or remove a transformation, delete the expression operator that represents the transformation, or delete the transformation expression in an expression operator.


For complex data types, see Hierarchical Data Types to understand what is supported.