Understanding Patches

In Data Integration, a patch contains updates to published tasks in an application. When you publish a task to an application or unpublish a task, a patch is created in the application.

If you publish a group of tasks at the same time, only one patch is created.

When you publish a pipeline task, a patch is created for the pipeline task only. Patches are not created for individual tasks in the pipeline. If an individual task in the pipeline was explicitly published in the past, that published task is refreshed in the application, but a patch is not created.

A patch is also created when an application is created as a copy of another application. The first patch in the new application is created when the tasks from the source application are copied into the new application.

The Patches section of an application details page shows the list of all patches that are created in the application. The following details are listed for a patch:

  • Patch time: Time the patch is applied
  • Status: Patch status. Possible values are Successful, In Progress, Queued, or Failed
  • Type: Type of patch
    • Publish: When a task is published to an application that is not a copy of another application
    • Unpublish: When a task is unpublished from an application that is not a copy of another application
    • Sync: When an application (target) is created by making a copy of existing resources from another application (source), and also subsequently when the application (target) is synced with changes from the source application. A sync patch is also created when an application is created from an application template.
  • Initiated by: The initiator of the patch
  • Description: A system generated description

The Actions menu of a patch has these options:

  • View details: Displays the tasks and dependent objects associated with the patch. If available, the errors associated with the patch are also shown.
  • Copy patch key: Copies to the clipboard the key of the patch, which you can use with APIs.

For the CLI commands and API operations related to patches, see the Data Integration CLI and API documentation for Application.