In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration, a task is a design-time resource that specifies a set of actions to perform on data. You can create Integration or Data Loader tasks from a Project Details or Folder Details page. You then publish tasks into an Application to test or roll out into production.

The Tasks page from a Project or Folder Details page shows the list of tasks created in that project or folder. You can filter the list by task name. In the search field, enter the complete name of the task to do a full text search.

The Actions icon (three dots) for a task has these options:

  • View Details: Displays the task for editing.
  • Copy Task Key: Copies to the clipboard the key of the task, which you can use with APIs.
  • Publish to Application: Lets you publish the task to an Application in the Data Integration service.
  • Publish to Data Flow Service: Lets you publish the task to an application in the Data Flow service.
  • Delete: Lets you delete the task.

To create and publish tasks, see the following sections: