Viewing the Details of a Folder

Access the resources such as data flows and tasks that are contained in a folder of a project in Data Integration.

    1. Navigate to the workspace in which you want to view the folder's details.

      For the steps to access a workspace, see Accessing a Workspace.

    2. On the workspace home page, click Projects.
    3. On the Projects page, click the name of the project that contains the folder.
    4. On the project details page, click Folders.
    5. In the Folders list, click the name of the folder that you want to access.

      If you created the project with sample artifacts, the samples are available in the v1_0 folder.

      If the folder that you want to access is contained in another folder, click the name of the parent folder and then click the child folder name.

    6. On the folder details page, use the links under Details to access the resources contained in the folder.

      For example, click Pipelines to view the pipelines created in the folder.

  • Use the oci data-integration folder get command and required parameters to retrieve a folder:

    oci data-integration folder get [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.

  • Run the GetFolder operation to retrieve a folder.