Work Requests

Work requests are long-running operations on a dataset started by Data Labeling.

Work requests have a number of operation types:
  • Create Dataset
  • Delete Dataset
  • Add Dataset Labels
  • Remove Dataset Labels
  • Rename Dataset Labels
  • Snapshot Dataset
  • Generate Dataset Records
  • Move Dataset

Viewing Work Requests

Follow these steps to view work requests for a dataset in Data Labeling.

  1. Follow one of the two ways to display the list of work requests:
    • On the dataset's details page, click More Actions, then click View work requests.
    • From the Dataset list page, click Work requests.
    The list of work requests for the compartment displays, showing the operation type, status, percent completion, accepted date and time, and finished date and time.
  2. Click the operation type you want to view, and the Work Request Details page displays.
    By default, log messages are displayed, showing the timestamp and message for each log. You can display error messages by clicking Error messages. The timestamp, type, and message are shown for each error. Revert to the logs by clicking Log messages.
  3. To see the log or error message in full:
    1. Click the action icon next to the message you want to view.
    2. Click View full message. The Log messages, or Error messages panel displays, with the full message.