View Registration Details for Target Databases

You can view registration details for the target databases to which you have access.

  1. In the Oracle Data Safe Console, click the Targets tab.
    A list of registered target databases is displayed. For each target database, you can view its type, description, and the date/time when it was registered.
  2. (Optional) To search for a target database, enter the name of the target database (or part of the name) in the search field, and then click the magnifying glass.
    A list of matching target databases is displayed.
  3. Click the name of the target database for which you want to view its details.
    The Target Details page is displayed. You can view the following information:
    • Target name, type, and description
    • Compartment to which the target database belongs
    • Connection information for the target database, such as OCID, connection type (TLS or TCP), host name/IP address, port number, service name, server distinguished name, the name of the certificate or wallet, the type of certificate or wallet, and database user credentials. The connection information displayed depends on the selected connection type.
  4. To close the dialog box, click the X in the upper-right corner, or click Cancel.