About AI Quick Actions

AI quick actions makes it easy for you to browse a curated list of foundation models, and deploy, fine-tune, and evaluate them inside Data Science notebooks.

Accessing AI Quick Actions

AI quick actions are available from active notebook sessions. Create a notebook session if you don't already have one.

If you have active notebooks created from before the release of AI quick actions, to access AI quick actions from them, deactivate and reactivate them. All notebooks created after the release of AI quick actions have AI quick actions available.

See AI Quick Actions - Overview on GitHub for more information.

    1. Use the Console to sign in to a tenancy with the necessary policies.
    2. Open the navigation menu and click Analytics & AI. Under Machine Learning, click Data Science.
    3. Select the compartment that contains the project with the notebook session.

      All projects in the compartment are listed.

    4. Click the name of the project.

      The project details page opens and lists the notebook sessions.

    5. Click the name of the notebook session.

      The notebook session details page opens.

    6. Click Open.

      The Jupyter Notebook web-based environment opens.

      When you open a notebook session, the Launcher tab is open and contains the main actions.

    7. Under Extensions, click AI Quick Actions.
      The AI Quick Actions page is displayed. It contains three tabs, Models, Deployments, and Evaluations.
  • For a complete list of parameters and values for AI Quick Actions CLI commands, see AI Quick Actions CLI

  • This task can't be performed using the API.