Selecting a Kernel to Run a Notebook

Console kernels are selected in JupyterLab.

After a conda environment is installed in the notebook session, the corresponding notebook and console kernels are created in the JupyterLab Launcher tab. Each kernel label is the slug of the conda environment, which is a combination of the name and version of the conda environment. You can create a notebook that runs in a particular conda environment by clicking a kernel button.


Hover over a conda environment card to see its slug.

Alternatively, you can launch a new notebook by clicking File, select New, and then select a kernel for a notebook. You are prompted with a kernel selection for a new notebook session.

You can also change the conda environment selection after opening the notebook. The name of the kernel that's running the notebook is in the upper right corner, and you can click the name to select a new kernel. You are prompted to select a different conda environment, then click Select.

Alternatively, you can click Kernel, then select Change Kernel... to change to a different kernel.