Access Database Management Administration

On obtaining the required permissions and completing the prerequisite tasks, you can access Database Management Administration and use the Managed databases page to perform the tasks pertaining to External Databases and External Database Systems.

To access the Managed databases page for the External Database ecosystem:

  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.
  2. Open the navigation menu, click Observability & Management. Under Database Management, click Administration.
  3. On the left pane, select the compartment in the Compartment drop-down list and External in the Deployment type drop-down list.

On the Managed databases page for the External Database ecosystem, you can:

  • View the External Databases in the compartment, which were registered either in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure External Database service or in Database Management. The following information pertaining to External Databases is displayed:
    • Database name: The name of the database.
    • Database type: The type of database that indicates if the database is a single instance or RAC database, and if it's a CDB, PDB, or non-CDB.
    • Status: The connection status of the database.
    • Management status: The Database Management enablement status.
    • Database System: The link to the associated Database System details page, if the External Database System is discovered.
    • Exadata: The link to the Exadata infrastructure details page, if the Exadata Infrastructure associated with the External Database System is discovered.

    On the left pane, you can:

    • Select an option in the Management status drop-down list to only view the databases based on the Database Management enablement status. For example, you can select Enabled to only view the External Databases for which Database Management is enabled.
    • Click Named Credentials under Administration to create a named credential or view the named credentials in the compartment. Named credentials are resources that contain user authentication information for Oracle Databases, namely, the database user name and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault service secret that contains the database user password. In the context of the External Database ecosystem, named credentials can be created and used to access the databases in the External Database System and perform Database Management tasks. For information on named credentials, see Create and Manage Named Credentials.
  • Click Discover system and click one of the following options:
  • Click Register external database to register an External Database. On registering the External Database, you can:
    • Click Connect in the Status column to add a connection to the External Database.
    • Click Enable Database Management in the Management status column to enable Database Management.

      The option to register and connect to External Databases and enable Database Management for External Databases in the Database Management interface uses the same panels as in the External Database service. For information on how to perform these tasks, see the sections listed in the following table.

      Task More Information
      Register an External Database For information, see Create a Handle for an External Database.
      Create a connection to an External Database For information, see Create a Connection to an External Database.
      Enable Database Management for an External Database For information, see Enable Database Management for External Databases.