Discover Exadata Infrastructure

Before you discover Exadata Infrastructure in Database Management, you must:

The Exadata Infrastructure discovery process includes the following main operations:

  1. Selecting a previously discovered External Database System (DB system) in the on-premises Exadata Database machine.
  2. Configuring the connectors to the storage servers that you want to monitor using Database Management.
  3. Reviewing the associated DB systems and the storage servers that will be monitored using Database Management, and creating the Exadata Infrastructure resource.

To discover an Exadata Infrastructure resource in Database Management:

  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.
  2. At the top of the page, ensure that the region in which you want to discover the Exadata Infrastructure is selected.

    Cross-region monitoring and management of Exadata Infrastructure is not available.
  3. Open the navigation menu, click Observability & Management. Under Database Management, click Administration.
  4. On the left pane, select the compartment in which the associated DB system is discovered and select External in the Deployment type drop-down list.
    The registered External Databases in the compartment are listed on the Managed databases page along with the link to the associated DB system in the Database System column.
  5. Click Discover system and then click External Exadata infrastructure.
  6. On the Select DB systems page of the Discover Exadata infrastructure panel, specify the associated DB systems in the Exadata Database machine, and click Next.

    By default, the compartment selected on the Managed databases page is displayed, however, you can select another compartment in the drop-down list and select the DB systems in that compartment.

  7. On the Add connectors page of the Discover Exadata infrastructure panel:
    1. Review the Exadata Infrastructure details in the Exadata infrastructure information section, and edit the name and the compartment of the Exadata Infrastructure, if required.

      • The compartment cannot be edited for previously discovered Exadata Infrastructure resources.
      • The license type is taken from the license type selected for the associated DB system.
    2. Review the list of storage servers and DB systems associated with the Exadata Infrastructure, and add connections to the storage servers that you would like to monitor using Database Management. To add a connection to a single storage server, click Configure connector in the Connector column or to add a connection to all storage servers, click Configure all connectors. For information, see Add Connections to Storage Servers.

      If you do not want to monitor a storage server using Database Management, then deselect the storage server. Note that to proceed with the discovery process, a connection to at least one storage server must be added.

    3. Click Next.
  8. On the Review page of the Discover Exadata infrastructure panel, review the External Infrastructure details and the components that will be monitored by Database Management, and click Submit.
On the Managed databases page, a link with the name of the Exadata Infrastructure is displayed in the Exadata column for the External Database and External Database System with which it's associated.