Analyzing Bare Metal and Virtual Machine Database Performance

This article describes how to use database metrics and Performance Hub to analyze and tune the performance of OCI user-managed databases, including databases running on bare metal and virtual machine systems, and Oracle Exadata Cloud Service databases. With this tool, you can view real-time and historical performance data. For more information about Database Metrics, see Exadata, Bare Metal, and Virtual Machine Database Metrics. For information about using Performance Hub, see Using Performance Hub to Analyze Database Performance.

To use database metrics and Performance Hub for Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, databases running on bare metal and virtual machine systems, Database Management must be enabled for the database. When enabling a database, the database administrator can choose from two database management options: Basic Management and Full Management. For more information about using Database Metrics and Performance Hub with Virtual Machine, Bare Metal, Oracle Exadata Cloud Service and external databases, see Enable Database Management.


Using Identity and Access Management (IAM), you can create a policy that grants users access to Performance Hub while limiting actions they can take on Autonomous Databases, Oracle Database Cloud Service, Exadata Cloud Service, and external databases. For information about policies and how to use them, see Getting Started with Policies.